Link Building and Backlink Statistics and Trends 2016

Link Building and Backlink Statistics


SEO has a lot of its roots in the technique of targeted link building. Link building was the first thing that professional SEO companies focused on It’s not the only core component involved anymore, but it’s still an important and very valuable factor when rank boosting is concerned. The new Google update hasn’t changed things. Many people who fancy themselves SEO experts have said that link building is dead. However, the real experts don’t consider this to be true. Those who say this are only trying to get as much attention as possible. Link building is still very important. What has changed, however is how you have to go about it. The links on your website have to be to relevant and informative sites, or your search rankings will be penalized. The new update makes sure these sites are punished more strictly than they were before.

You need to master content creation, sales techniques, programming skills, psychology know-how, and, of course marketing knowledge if you want to get people to link to your site on a consistent basis. Some people may think link building is a simple process, but successful link building in this day and age requires a great deal of knowledge and persistence. This is why most people are not willing to do the work. You are up against millions of other websites, and many of them will be working very hard on their own link building strategies. It is very hard to stand out in this day and age, but it is possible if you work very hard. It has, however, gotten to the point where it is not possible to stand out without a great deal of hard work. You also need a bit of luck, but remember the old adage that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Always be prepared, and when your content has a chance to go viral, take it.

The real-time Penguin update means that link risk management (the practice of checking the links leading to your website) is very important for your business. If a website full of low quality content is seo link building service oriented to your site, it may hurt your rankings, This is because Google will think you are artificially building links to your site, instead of gaining links through having quality content. This is true in many cases, which is why Google made the algorithm this way. However, sites with proper link building will not be penalized. Unfortunately, you’ll have to work tirelessly to limit links from low quality websites. More and more of these websites pop up every day, and they nearly all try to link to quality websites. This gets them a quick and easy boost in their SEO statistics rankings, and the unscrupulous owners don’t care what it does to other sites.

link-building-tools-statisticsRecent data estimates that the amount of links to a specific page composes 22.33% of Google’s ranking algorithm. Nobody knows exactly how much the percentage is as Google doesn’t release these numbers. However, pretty much everyone agrees that the number is around 22% While this may not seem like a lot, most experts think that it is the single biggest component in the algorithm. This has been the case since the inception of Google, and is still the case. It doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon, either. Google had better search results than other search engines due to focusing on links, and this is still true to this day, more than 20 years after the website was started.

Prior to the Penguin algorithm, link building was dominated by spam and automated software, and quantity triumphed over quality in most cases. Most sites filled with spam have been relegated to the back pages of the Internet, and most automated software programs have been made ineffectual. Unfortunately, spam-filled websites and link building programs are still in existence and used by many sites. The people who use these techniques are always working to stay one step ahead of Google.

Making sure your site is technically optimized is an important piece of the SEO link building statistics puzzle.

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