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erectile dysfunction statistics 2019-2020

Erectile Dysfunction Statistics

Depression can cause ED Most ED Patients are over the age of 40 erectile dysfunction will happen to 33% of men by age 50 erectile dysfunction will happen to 42% of men by age 60 2019-2020 18 million American males suffer from ED 44% of all men suffering from ED is experiencing this problem because of a health defect. Most older men suffer not ED but erection dissatisfaction Post-50 erection…


San Diego Real Estate Facts

San Diego California Statistics and Facts for 2019 1. Predictions Of A Housing Slump In Early 2019 Despite a great economic outlook for 2019, the increased need for affordable housing due to the expanding employment market, will drive the prices up even further. Experts predict that the glut of homes for sale will benefit buyers whose employment situation has been upgraded and that San Diego will become a buyer’s market,…

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Dental Implants Facts and Statistics

Dental Implants Statistics 2019: Whether you’re considering dental implant surgery or merely have an interest in the statistical data related to the dental procedure, this article may be of some interest to you. According to the National Institute of Health, dental implants have been on the rise since 1999. To help better put this into context, the number of dental implant procedures performed in the U.S. increased from 0.7 percent…


Nursing Facts and Statistics

Nursing Facts and Statistics 2018-2019 and trends from 2014-2019 Although they don’t go to school as long as physicians or make the same decisions that they do, nurses are the most important employees in any hospital, clinic, or another medical facility. Without nurses, doctors would be forced to treat fewer patients, as they’d be bogged down with menial, basic tasks like drawing blood, checking vital signs, and weighing patients. As…

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HVAC Statistics

The HVAC industry is growing quicker than average The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 15 percent increase in jobs in the HVAC sector by 2026. If this fact turns out to be true, then this growth is higher than normal. The expansion in this field will open the door for many people to learn a physical trade and earn a good living wage. The competition in the sector will…


Broadway Show Facts

Broadway Show Statistics 2018-2019 Broadway shows have always amassed a huge viewing from all corners of the globe. At the end of every year, it is always interesting to see what Broadway was all about. This is helpful for understanding trends, what viewers want, and predicting the future based off of analysis and critiques. Statistics help viewers decide what to watch, and help producers determine what works and what does…

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Air Conditioning Repair Facts

Air Conditioning Repair Facts 2018-2019 Air conditioning is nothing short of a blessing when it’s hot outside. Invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier, an engineer, air conditioning has made life more bearable, enjoyable, and safe. AC units work by sucking warm, indoor air in, running the air over nearly-ice-cold coils, removing moisture from the air, then fanned back into the houses or vehicles that the warm air came from. While…

E-Mail marketing statistics

Email Marketing Facts

  Time and money are valuable resources and with today’s demands, to be a successful business or marketer, you need to use both as wisely as possible. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not only alive and well, but it’s also a very effective method of reaching your targeted audience and boosting conversions. Does statistical information back this up? Yes. Here are some surprising email marketing facts that business…


Marriage, Wedding and Engagement Statistics

Marriage, Wedding and Engagement Statistics 2018 According to the Pew Research Center, in 2018, marriage was less common in urban areas than in either rural or suburban areas. Researchers attribute this partially to the generally younger populations in urban areas. In recent years, the average age that people marry has been increasing. Additionally, people in rural areas tend to have lower levels of education, which could also contribute to the…

Medical Billing Facts

Healthcare Billing Statistics

Health Care and 2018 The health care industry touches everyone’s lives somehow. It is no secret that the industry is expensive, and that the costs associated with it are constantly increasing. Because of this, keeping an eye on the trends and statistics in health care can help save a few pennies. Insurance Premiums and Deductibles Since 2006, insurance deductibles have risen 255% and, since 2005, premiums for family coverage have…