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recreational cannabis statistics

Recreational Cannabis Statistics

Also known as marijuana, cannabis has a long history of human use. It dates back about 5000 years (and most probably even further back based on archaeological record). Cannabis consumption is legal in most American states, while it remains illegal in others. It can be ingested through the mouth, applied on the skin or smoked for medicinal and recreational purposes. Being a rapidly growing industry, there is plenty of data,…

home foreclosure statistics 2021-2022

Foreclosure Statistics

Foreclosure Statistics 2021-2020, Facts Data and Trends When we think about foreclosure, we may associate it with things like stress and financial difficulty. The 2008 financial fiasco proved how stressful and disappointing foreclosure could be for everyone. However, the rate of foreclosure actually became lower and lower after the financial crisis ended. Now that the pandemic has hit the whole world, we’re once again seeing changes in foreclosure rates. Look…


Bay Area Vacant Property Statistics

Bay Area Vacant Property Statistics 1. San Francisco had 38,651 empty homes in 2018 2. The Bay Area has over 46,000 vacant homes 3. Oakland had 6,000 vacant homes in early 2020 4. San Francisco had 11,760 vacant homes in 2020 5. 100,000 homes were vacant in San Francisco in 2017 6. Oakland has 47 percent more homelessness than in 2017 7. Nearly 10 percent of homes in San Francisco…

Corona Virus Statistics 2020-2019 (COVID-19) Novel Corona Virus Facts and Data

Corona Virus Statistics (COVID-19) Facts

7 Coronavirus Statistics You Need to Know  0 New Coronavirus Infections in China on 3/19/2020  40 Million California Residents Ordered to Stay Home  20 Percent of Infected People Ages 20–44 Hospitalized  1 Confirmed Case Equals Five to 10 Undetected Cases  3 U.S. Coronavirus Death Projections: 19k, 52k, and 104k  Men More at Risk Than Women  3 Months Into Outbreak Basic Data Still Unreliable 0 New Coronavirus Infections in China Even…

erectile dysfunction statistics 2019-2020

Erectile Dysfunction Statistics

Depression can cause ED Most ED Patients are over the age of 40 erectile dysfunction will happen to 33% of men by age 50 erectile dysfunction will happen to 42% of men by age 60 2019-2020 18 million American males suffer from ED 44% of all men suffering from ED is experiencing this problem because of a health defect. Most older men suffer not ED but erection dissatisfaction Post-50 erection…


San Diego Real Estate Facts

San Diego California Statistics and Facts for 2019 1. Predictions Of A Housing Slump In Early 2019 Despite a great economic outlook for 2019, the increased need for affordable housing due to the expanding employment market, will drive the prices up even further. Experts predict that the glut of homes for sale will benefit buyers whose employment situation has been upgraded and that San Diego will become a buyer’s market,…

dental implants,tooth loss,implant crowns

Dental Implants Facts and Statistics

Dental Implants Statistics 2019-2020 Dental implant procedures increased 6.3% 2019-2020 13 percent of implant patients are 65 – 74 years of age Total number of dental implants to increase by  23% from 2020-2026 U.S. dental implant market was valued at roughly $1.1 billion – $1.5 billion yearly The diameter of the average mini implant is between 1.8 mm and 3 mm value-priced implants will out pace  premium implants in volume…


Nursing Facts and Statistics

Nursing Facts and Statistics 2018-2019 and trends from 2014-2019 Although they don’t go to school as long as physicians or make the same decisions that they do, nurses are the most important employees in any hospital, clinic, or another medical facility. Without nurses, doctors would be forced to treat fewer patients, as they’d be bogged down with menial, basic tasks like drawing blood, checking vital signs, and weighing patients. As…

central air,ac,air conditioner

HVAC Statistics

HVAC industry statistics 15%  increase in jobs in the HVAC sector by 2026 By 2022 the HVAC industry will be short over 138,000 technicians By 2020, over 25 billion devices will incorporate Smart technologies Maintenance can push the life of an AC unit to over 15 years 6% of electric use in the country is for cooling homes and businesses From 2016-2020 HVAC industries have 3% rise in revenue 2019…


Broadway Show Facts

Broadway Show Statistics 2018-2019 Broadway shows have always amassed a huge viewing from all corners of the globe. At the end of every year, it is always interesting to see what Broadway was all about. This is helpful for understanding trends, what viewers want, and predicting the future based off of analysis and critiques. Statistics help viewers decide what to watch, and help producers determine what works and what does…