• Solid State (SSD) Hard Drive Statistics 2017-2018
  • Auto Title Loan Statistics
  • Google AdWords | Pay Per Click (PPC) Online Advertising Statistics
  • Tattoo Removal Statistics 2017
  • Medical Marijuana Infographic : 6 Cannabis Facts and Statistics 2016

Solid State (SSD) Hard Drive Statistics 2017-2018

What Are the Best Solid State Drives on the Market in 2017? Solid state drives are the best storage device you can have for your computer. Given their vast amount of advantages over a traditional hard disk drives, whether it be in latency, access time, or resiliency, any serious computer user should look to invest in this type of technology. While the price may be prohibitive compared to less efficient…


Auto Title Loan Statistics

Car Title Loan Statistics A car title loan is a loan that is secured by your vehicle. Your car will be used as collateral to get the loan. If you do not make payments on your loan, the lender can take the vehicle. People who are desperate for money and do not have good credit might try to obtain a car title loan. They do not conduct a credit check,…


Google AdWords | Pay Per Click (PPC) Online Advertising Statistics

  Target used Google AdWords  to identify that ~97% of their shoppers use digital media to shop and 75% started all purchases online http://www.powertraffick.com/google-adwords-statistics-trends   Start-Ups Companies earn $3 in revenue for every $1.63 they spend on Google AdWords http://www.powertraffick.com/ppc-trends-and-statistics   3 out of 4 (75%) fitness startups use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads as their primary advertising platforms in 2017 http://www.mobilerra.com/ppc/ppc-statistics-google-adwords-stats-you-wont-believe/   The avg. conversion rate (CR) with respect…


Tattoo Removal Statistics 2017

Tattoo Removal Statistics Tattoos are all the rage. Cool, sexy, controversial and eye-catching, a tattoo makes a statement that a thousand words can not. It is little surprise, then, that 36 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 25 sport at least one of these markings somewhere on their bodies. However, many bearers of these colorful skin brandings lose their enthusiasm for tattoos as middle age sets in,…


Medical Marijuana Infographic : 6 Cannabis Facts and Statistics 2016

Marijuana Stats At-a-Glance: Colorado patients number 19.8 patients per 1,000 state residents 19.4 patients per thousand residents in Washington State 6% to 8% of caucasians reported having ever used marijuana 5% of Californians report that they had used medical marijuana 76% of doctors worldwide approve of medical marijuana use. 2,604,079 medical marijuana patients in 2016   The medical cannabis industry is a multibillion dollar industry with some form of sales…


Link Building and Backlink Statistics and Trends 2016

Link Building and Backlink Statistics SEO has a lot of its roots in the technique of targeted link building. Link building was the first thing that professional SEO companies focused on It’s not the only core component involved anymore, but it’s still an important and very valuable factor when rank boosting is concerned. The new Google update hasn’t changed things. Many people who fancy themselves SEO experts have said that…

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9 Home Loan Default Statistics for 2016-2017

Home Loan Statistics 2016 The rates of default on home loans help tell the story of economic health in America. The following nine statistics trace important developments in the mortgage and housing industry and suggest the continued stabilization of these industries. 1. Subprime Auto Loans on the Rise In 2014 and 2015, nearly 8.4 percent of borrowers who purchased a car in the first part of the year had missed…


7 Stellar Laser Tag Statistics for 2016

7 Laser Tag Statistics 2016 The laser tag industry has been booming in the past few years with more and more business owners finding success in this fun and family friendly industry. There are a number of reasons why so many upcoming entrepreneurs are attracted to laser tag, so let’s take a look at some interesting laser tag statistics to see what makes them so valuable. It Usually Only Takes…


9 Fascinating Insomnia and Sleep Statistics

A New Year Addresses a Timeless Problem As 2016 gives way to a new year, millions of people suffering from the widespread problem of insomnia may benefit from learning about some fascinating statistics concerning sleeplessness. The National Sleep Foundation defines insomnia as a medical condition involving difficulty falling or remaining asleep.(1) Today it proves far more widespread than many people realize. Individuals afflicted with the problem sometimes experience impaired energy,…


PPC Statistics 2016-2017 | Google AdWords Stats You Wont Believe

Learn more from AdWords PPC statistics – Updated 01-30-2017 96% of Google Revenue is Google AdWords PPC Advertising PPC is a word formed as an abbreviation for pay per click. Pay per click is an internet marketing model where businesses or individuals who want to advertise their products online pay a certain amount of money every time an ad is clicked. This a way of buying extra visits for your…