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Underground Utility Location Statistics

No matter whether you live in a big city or in more rural area, if you live in the United States, chances are there is an underground utility line that is positioned closer to your home than you think. Now, when you think of underground utilities, you often think of gas lines and electric lines, but don’t forget that there are also water and sewer lines that are positioned underground…


Content Marketing Statistics

Content Marketing Statistics Hiring content marketing consultants is one of the most powerful ways to grow a company today. With a strong push for SEO and social engagement, having a good content marketing plan can allow you to make deeper connections with your customers and be seen as leaders in your field and industry. But not everyone understands just how important content marketing consulting is. If you’re new to the…


Auto Title Loan Statistics

Car Title Loan Statistics A car title loan is a loan that is secured by your vehicle. Your car will be used as collateral to get the loan. If you do not make payments on your loan, the lender can take the vehicle. People who are desperate for money and do not have good credit might try to obtain a car title loan. They do not conduct a credit check,…


7 Mobile Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Subscribe to our new Definitive newsletter: High grade digital marketing guidance, topically sorted, and curated to the max. You pick the categories, we deliver the content. The best content from around the web, on topics you care about and need to be mobile SEO experts in. 7 Mobile Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind badge-guest-post-FLATTERMobile marketing is the future. Any marketer, or marketing firm worth their weight in invoices…


Personal and Home Security Statistics 2017

Five Important Facts For The Security Industry The security industry is strongly affected by the public’s knowledge of important security related facts. Here are five of the most important home security facts: 1. Property Crime Is Quite Common: Crime is far more common than is commonly assumed, and there were 9.3 million property crimes in the United States during 2016. This puts each household at greater than a 1 in…


Pokemon Go Statistics and Trends 2016

Pokemon Go Statistics and Trends   Pokemon Go search volume in Google trends is 46% higher Female Pokemon Go master players outplay their male counterparts 2/1 that’s 49% more … that’s a lot of balls 18-30 age player take up the bulk of online active users with an average in app time of 2.63 hours


Shocking Personal Loan Statistics 2017-2018

Personal Loan Statistics 2017 -Updated July 26,2017 Personal loans in the United States are rapidly growing in popularity, particularly with the advent of the flex loan. Regardless of financial position, occupation, gender, race, or place of living, nearly everybody incurs at least one hefty bout of financial difficulty in their lifetime. Costs of attending college is rising, Americans are as debt-hungry as ever, and there’s currently no end in sight…


Internet Piracy Statistics and Trends

Statistics on Internet Piracy in Regards to 4Chan, Reddit and “The Fappening” The day that forever changed the Internet will be known as August 31st, 2014. During this unassuming Labor Day weekend, hundreds of nude celebrity photos were released to the public without an explanation. Over 60 actresses were directly targeted in a hacking attack that threatened over 200 female celebrities. This guide explores the entire episode to provide all…


SOCIAL MEDIA | Trends and Statistics

Social Media Marketing Trends Social marketing is moving away from company-to-buyer marketing and toward peer-to-peer influence marketing as online shoppers become resistant to advertising. The Proof:   A recent Forrester survey found that only 19.9% of buyers believe what a brand says about itself, because people view any brand-to-buyer communication as an advertisement. Conversely, 69.3% of buyers trust friends and family recommendations. Facebook Facebook Users and Paid Advertisements. Facebook users eclipsed…


Display Advertising Trends and Statistics

2016 Display Advertising Trends   US Digital Display Ad Spending to Surpass Search Ad Spending in 2016 Video will even control a bigger portion of advertising spending assigned to display. For the first time, digital display ad spending will eclipse search ad spending in the usa in 2016. Combined, sponsorships video, rich media and “banners and other”’s kinds may account for the biggest share of electronic ad spending: 46.9%, worth…