Erectile Dysfunction Statistics

Erectile Dysfunction Statistics 2022-2023

  • Depression can cause ED
  • Most ED Patients are over the age of 40
  • erectile dysfunction will happen to 33% of men by age 50
  • erectile dysfunction will happen to 42% of men by age 60
  • 2019-2020 18 million American males suffer from ED
  • 44% of all men suffering from ED is experiencing this problem because of a health defect.
  • Most older men suffer not ED but erection dissatisfaction
  • Post-50 erection changes are normal and inevitable.
  • Cialis medication lasts the longest—24 to 36 hours
  • ED incidences increased from 5% at age 40 to 15% at age 70.2
  • 90% of men aged over 40 years with ED have an organic cause
  • worldwide incidence of ED will increase from 152 million men in 1995 to 322 million men by the year 2025.

erectile dysfunction statistics 2019-2020

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Facts 2022-2021

Erectile dysfunction ED is not life threatening unless it is caused by a major issue with a man’s cardiovascular system. While this condition usually doesn’t harm a guy’s life it can certainly harm his relationship and/or self-esteem. The following statistics on erectile dysfunction can help men to better understand this condition and what they can do for prevention and treatment.

• Erectile Dysfunction is Caused by Different Factors

There are many factors that lead to the condition of erectile dysfunction. The causes of this condition stem from psychological or physical reasons. The University of Wisconsin lists the primary factors that lead to erectile dysfunction. A man can even develop this condition from depression, frequently arguing with their partner or from stress. Diseases such as heart disease, Peyronie’s disease or diabetes can sometimes contribute to erectile dysfunction. Other factors such as excessive drinking, drug use and sustaining an injury to penis can contribute to ED.

• Not all Older Men are Going to Develop Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of people erroneously assume that a man will automatically develop ED once they reach the age of 40. However, this fact is not true. Well, for most men it doesn’t hold any truth. A male can develop ED at a young age from outside factors relating to penal injuries, drugs and/or from a medical condition. According to Psychology Today, erectile dysfunction will happen to 1 in 3 males by the time they reach their 50’s. This number is also expected to increase once a man reaches his 60’s and beyond.

• Millions of Men (and Women) are Concerned about this Condition

Millions of men are seriously concerned about achieving and keeping an erection. Medical News Today Medical News Today reveals that this condition is a growing concern. One of the biggest reasons that both men and women worry about this condition has to do with the aging population. People are living for a longer time. Since they are, people still have the desire to experience sexual pleasure. Married couples wan to have sex for a longer time. Some people believe that their longer lifespans should allow them to have more fulfillment and enjoyment. Sexuality might wane for many older people but it doesn’t completely go away. Fulfilling this need is important for many people who have life-long spouses.

• ED Screenings should be Frequently Given to Middle Aged and Older Men

John Hopskins Bloomberg School of Public Health encourages physicians to give their middle-aged and older patients ED screenings. Providing them with this type of diagnosis will help to detect this ailment before it becomes a problem.
Prevention plays a strong part with stopping ED before it becomes a problem. John Hopkins states that 18 million American males are dealing with this issue. They also want people to focus on changing their diet and exercise. They conducted research on this problem. Their findings concluded that diet and exercise play a critical role with the prevention of erectile dysfunction.

• Patients are Diagnosed through Ejaculatory Questions

The Cleveland Clinic points out that ED is diagnosed with the help of an ejaculatory questionnaire. This survey focuses on a man’s ability to have an erection and their ability to ejaculate semen from their penis. These questionnaire’s will ask men about their sexual habits. Questions will be asked about their habits related to masturbation and how often they have sex. Other questions will also focus on body responses such as morning erections and the firmness of their penis when they do have an erection. Many men find these questions embarrassing but they need to answer them. Truthful answers about their current sexual activity and sex life will help many men to overcome erectile dysfunction.

• Research Findings by the Government Reveals that ED is Strongly Related to Disease

The U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health conducted research that showed how the penis is a barometer for health. They noted that if a man cannot get an erection then his general health must be bad. They noted that 44% of all men suffering from ED is experiencing this problem because of a health defect or diabetes. Having bad health often causes a person’s sexual functions not work properly. Many people who are ill generally do not have sexual desire. They actually avoid it until they feel well enough to engage in this activity. Medical professionals can often gauge how a man’s medical health is doing by evaluating his sexual health.

• Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is commonly treated through lifestyle changes, medications and in some cases counseling. Healthline explains that erectile dysfunction treatments have many different types of treatments for this disease. Treatments for this disorder includes intracavernosal injections, oral medications that hep to increase blood flow, intraurethral suppositories and testosterone therapy. Vacuum constriction devices and surgery is also used. Sometimes ED comes from mental health issues and psychosexual counseling or sex therapy can help some guys to correct this problem.

• The Benefits of Psychosexual Health Counseling for ED

Psychosexual health counseling often helps men who suffer from ED that is related to a mental health issue. PMJ Journal says that this type of counseling usually lasts between 5 and 20 sessions. Men who often receive this type of counseling usually are having trouble with their spouses. They often take counseling sessions with their wives usually join them. People who have been together in a relationship also take up this type of counseling session as well. Both partners are provided with strategies for working out their problems.

• Erectile Dysfunction is Treatable

The JAMA Networks explains that no man should suffer permanently suffer from this condition. A lot of treatment options are available. Men do not have to live a defeated sex life and they don’t have to live the pain or shame that this condition produces. Erectile dysfunction is not the end of the world for any guy. All men can have a healthy sex life and stay connected to their partners after developing this condition.