Broadway Show Facts

January 26, 2019

Broadway Show Statistics 2022-2021 Broadway shows have always amassed a huge viewing from all corners of the globe. At the end of every year, it is always interesting to see what Broadway was all about. This is helpful for understanding trends, what viewers want, and predicting the future based off of analysis and critiques. Statistics help viewers decide what to watch, and help producers determine what works and what does…


6 Galapagos Islands Facts , Statistics and Cruise Tour trends

July 8, 2016

1. The Galapagos Islands Are Becoming More Densely Populated: The population of the islands has been growing since the 1960s, and there has been a dramatic rise in the island’s population in recent times mostly due to travelers and folks on a Galapagos cruise falling in love. During the 1960s, the population of the Islands was only about 4,000. However, the population is now over 20,000. In addition to this…