Marriage, Wedding and Engagement Statistics

September 25, 2018

Marriage, Wedding and Engagement Statistics 2022-2021 Weddings steadily increased between 2010 and 2022 2021, the United States saw $59.09 billion dollars in wedding-related sales 20% of marriages, both partners were walking down the aisle for at least the second time. 40% of weddings take place in the autumn fall 40% of engagements take place between November and February Average cost of an engagement ring climbed from $5,095 in 2011 to…


9 Stroller Statistics Expecting Mothers Need to Know

January 30, 2016

Stroller statistics Every parent makes their child’s safety a top priority, and choosing quality jogging strollers, sit and stand tandem or double stroller that works properly is one of the steps they take. However, stroller safety statistics are causing alarm because they reveal a high incidence of accident and injury to small children. Here are important stroller statistics and the impact they’re having on parents and the stroller manufacturing industry….