San Francisco Bay Area Cannabis Statistics

SF Bay Area cannabis statistics
July 19, 2022

SF Bay Area Cannabis Statistics 2022-2021 SF Bay Area cannabis statistics As you’re probably well aware, California has made massive steps toward legalizing and decriminalizing cannabis in recent years. This has brought many opportunities to grow and sell marijuana commercially in the Golden State. With the increased demand for marijuana and the skyrocketing unemployment rates among native Californians, many people are turning to cannabis as a viable source of income….


Pennsylvania Cannabis Statistics

July 10, 2022

Pennsylvania Cannabis Statistics 2022 $1.1 billion generated by medical cannabis farming 91% of adults want to legalize marijuana Legal cannabis often sells for 2 times the street price More than 12 million cannabis products have been sold in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania could earn as much as $1 billion in marijuana taxes FDA received 2,362 calls related to delta-8 cannabinoid 62% of Pennsylvania voters favor legal marijuana Cultivating a marijuana plant has…


New Jersey Cannabis Statistics

New Jersey Dispensary Locations
April 11, 2022

New Jersey Cannabis Statistics 2022-2021 New Jersey recreational marijuana sales are expected to reach $625 million to $775 million in 2022. There are 56 medical cannabis business licenses in NJ; none are owned by black-owned businesses. So far, NJ has 68 conditional licenses for recreational marijuana, but none for retail sales. It costs $350 to $500 for one ounce of medical marijuana in New Jersey. Adults can buy up to…


Massachusetts Marijuana Statistics

April 9, 2022

Boston Massachusetts Marijuana Statistics Massachusetts has a $1.4 billion-a-year legal recreational cannabis business. There are nearly 190 marijuana businesses in MA. Massachusetts received $74.2 million in tax revenue halfway through the 2021 – 2022 fiscal year. The limit an individual can buy or be in possession of is one ounce in MA. The average price for an ounce of marijuana in Mass. is $340.62. Recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts will…