Personal and Home Security Statistics 2017

Five Important Facts For The Security Industry

The security industry is strongly affected by the public’s knowledge of important security related facts. Here are five of the most important home security facts:

home-security-statistics-burglar-window1. Property Crime Is Quite Common:

Crime is far more common than is commonly assumed, and there were 9.3 million property crimes in the United States during 2016. This puts each household at greater than a 1 in 15 chance of at least one of its members being a victim. People are becoming more aware of this fact, and it is causing more people to invest in a home security system and take other steps to protect their property.

2. Alarm Systems Are An Important Asset For Personal Security:

Alarm systems are important for the security of homes and businesses. In fact, security guards report that 66% of their contact with law enforcement had to do with an alarm system being triggered. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that without effective alarm systems, many burglaries and other property crimes would likely go undetected. People are becoming increasingly aware of this, and it is increasing the popularity of home security systems with spy watch functionality to see there home’s during the work day. It can be expected that this awareness will increase in the future, and security systems will continue to become more popular over time.

3. Cyber-Attacks Are Alarmingly Common:

Cyber attacks are incredibly common. More than seventy percent of organizations have been compromised by hackers within the last year! If you are a business owner, it is crucial that you ensure that your business is well protected. People are becoming increasingly aware of cyber-attacks, and many people and organizations are taking steps to prevent them. For instance, it is becoming more common for both home and business computers to be equipped with anti-virus and anti-phishing software. Given the increasing awareness of cyber-attacks, it is likely that more people will begin to protect their electronics against intruders in the future.

4. Lock More Than Just Your Front Door:

While locking your front door may deter an inexperienced thief, it will do nothing at all against a career criminal. Many burglars are able to pick locks with ease. They will get in through any potential entrance, and most homes have more entrances than just one. For that reason, it is important to deadbolt all potential entrances. Using a deadbolt will ensure that the burglar is not able to simply pick a lock and get in. In addition to entering through doorways, thieves can get in through pool entrances and find their way in through any type of gate. Therefore, it is important to deadbolt them too. In addition, it is important to ensure that garage doors are closed securely. Increasing knowledge of how burglars get in has caused many more people to deadbolt their entrances and add security features to their garage. As people become even more aware of how burglars can get into a house, many locksmiths are likely to see more customers in the future. Increased awareness of how burglars can enter a home has also led many people to begin installing cameras near all entrances, and this is likely to continue to become more commonplace.

5. Personal Records Are Often Compromised:

If you have any sensitive information stored on your computer, there is a risk that it could be compromised by hackers. If your confidential information is compromised, it could result in damage to your reputation that could be hard to recover from. It also could result in serious financial losses. The amount of confidential information that gets compromised each year is already high, and it may be increasing. There has been a 38% increase in detected hacks between 2014 and 2015. Since many hacks have been widely publicized, this information has served to make people more likely to protect confidential information stored electronically. This has caused anti-virus software and other forms of cyber security protections to sell quite well nowadays. These types of software are likely to continue to become more popular in the future. While the increase in detected hacks has alarmed many people within the security industry, it could also be a sign that hacks are being increasingly detected due to improvements in security software.