Content Marketing Statistics

Content Marketing Statistics

content-marketing-consulting-statisticsHiring content marketing consultants is one of the most powerful ways to grow a company today. With a strong push for SEO and social engagement, having a good content marketing plan can allow you to make deeper connections with your customers and be seen as leaders in your field and industry.

But not everyone understands just how important content marketing consulting is. If you’re new to the content marketing obsession or you just want to get a better understanding of the principles, here are 7 content marketing statistics and what they mean to the marketing industry:

1. Content marketing gets 28% or more of the budget.

When deciding where to divide their budget, marketing departments are sending about 28% of their overall cash into content marketing. While content marketing can reach into other areas of a marketing strategy, such as social media or blogging, that is a pretty sizeable portion of the overall budget.

Some companies are putting up to 46% of the marketing budget towards content marketing. At almost half of the overall budget, this tells us that marketers are serious about creating a message that resonates with customers and clients. (Source – content marketing consulting)

2. Almost half of buyers viewed between three and five pieces of content before deciding to follow through with a purchase.

With more and more information at our customer’s fingertips, it is no wonder that they are taking advantage of the content they have in front of them. For about 47% of buyers, they interacted with about four pieces of content before deciding to contact a sales rep.

This information shows us that customers aren’t so quick to make purchases. They want to fully understand what is being offered to them, if they’re getting the best deal, and what the company is all about before doing business with them.

3. 3 out of 4 marketers are increasing their content marketing budget.

Although we already discussed how much of their budgets marketers are giving to their content marketing strategies, it is also important to note that those budgets are increasing. About 75% of marketers are choosing to raise the amount of money they spend on their content marketing strategy.

As marketers decide to spend more and more money on their marketing strategies, we see that it isn’t going anywhere. Content marketing is important to growing the success of our businesses and connecting with customers. Until something new comes along, content marketing is the best way to get our message out there.

4. LinkedIn is the most popular place for B2B content.

When it comes to placing B2B content, LinkedIn is dominating the field. At about 94% of B2B marketers saying they use LinkedIn to post their content, this is significantly above other platforms like Twitter or Facebook, with only 87% and 84% respectively.

Not only does this statistic show us how important content marketing is for B2B marketers, it also shows that it can be applied in a number of different areas. Content marketing isn’t just for our blogs or articles, it is also necessary for a successful social media campaign.

5. More than half of all marketers produce new content every day.

Content marketing isn’t something that you can set up and let go. It needs to be relevant to the day, always on topic, and focused with your audience of customers and clients. This means that more often than not, marketers are required to create new pieces of content every work day.

In fact, 60% of marketers and content marketing consultants have said they create new pieces of content every day. While some may only be working on once piece, others may be knocking out a few dozen pieces of content during their work week.

6. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

Not only will content marketing help you to attract new customers and keep your clients coming back for more, it will also save you money. In fact, content marketing can cost up to 62% less than standard marketing tactics.

Consider the way that content marketing is pushed out. Rather than needing to purchase placement in magazines or billboards, you’re putting information out on a website that you already own. You’re using your social media pages to spread the word and allowing your customer base to push the message forward. While you may need to pay for things like promoted placement or advertising, the cost is much smaller than a traditional marketing pathway.

7. According to 58% of marketers, original content is king.

While you may be able to get away with reposting other blogs or sharing other people’s information, if you want to get serious about your content marketing strategy, you’re going to want to focus on creating original content.

At about 58%, more than half of all marketers believe that original content can deliver the best rewards. Original content includes things like ebooks, blog posts, and articles, which all can get into new ideas, explore different perspectives, and leave the reader feeling like they walked away from the writing with new knowledge and information.

Content marketing is a growing tactic for companies of all sizes and all industries. With the right approach to the content you create, you can see new customers, more purchases, and a better engagement rate for your posts and website.