Los Angeles Real Estate Statistics

Los Angeles Real Estate Statistics 2022
November 23, 2021

Los Angeles Real Estate Statistics 2024-2023: Boom or Bust? In the past few years, Los Angeles has been experiencing a housing boom. As of 2017, there were 8,000 new homes completed in LA.  L.A. County and an additional 4,000 in development. According to real estate specialists, the population is also booming, with over 10 million people living in this area by 2022. However, recent reports show that Los Angeles home…


Kansas City Real Estate Statistics

Kansas City Real Estate Statistics
November 20, 2021

Kansas City Real Estate Statistics 2024-2023 Kansas City is one of the most exciting places in America to be right now. With a rich history, strong economy, and amazing people, Kansas City has it all. It’s no wonder so many are considering moving there! But before you pack up your bags, take a look at these 8 statistics about Kansas City real estate that might have an impact on your…


Foreclosure Statistics

home foreclosure statistics 2021-2022
April 1, 2021

Foreclosure Statistics 2024 – 2023-2022, Facts rates and Trends When we think about foreclosure, we may associate it with things like stress and financial difficulty. The 2008 financial fiasco proved how stressful and disappointing foreclosure could be for everyone. However, the rate of foreclosure actually became lower and lower after the financial crisis ended. Now that the pandemic has hit the whole world, we’re once again seeing changes in foreclosure…


Bay Area Vacant Property Statistics

June 11, 2020

Bay Area Vacant Property Statistics 1. San Francisco had 38,651 empty homes in 2018 2. The Bay Area has over 46,000 vacant homes 3. Oakland had 6,000 vacant homes in early 2020 4. San Francisco had 11,760 vacant homes in 2020 5. 100,000 homes were vacant in San Francisco in 2017 6. Oakland has 47 percent more homelessness than in 2017 7. Nearly 10 percent of homes in San Francisco…


San Diego Real Estate Facts

August 21, 2019

San Diego California Statistics and Facts for 2019 1. Predictions Of A Housing Slump In Early 2019 Despite a great economic outlook for 2019, the increased need for affordable housing due to the expanding employment market, will drive the prices up even further. Experts predict that the glut of homes for sale will benefit buyers whose employment situation has been upgraded and that San Diego will become a buyer’s market,…


Air Conditioning Repair Facts

air conditioning, air conditioner, ac
January 25, 2019

Air Conditioning Repair Facts 2022-2021 – 2018-2019 Air conditioning is nothing short of a blessing when it’s hot outside. Invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier, an engineer, air conditioning has made life more bearable, enjoyable, and safe. AC units work by sucking warm, indoor air in, running the air over nearly-ice-cold coils, removing moisture from the air, then fanned back into the houses or vehicles that the warm air came…


Apartment Rental Statistics

July 28, 2017

2017-2018 Apartment Rental Statistics It’s been a wild ride across the country as the apartment rental market continues to grow for most cities. Last year was interesting for the apartment rental market, for both owners and renters. While it was a relatively calm 12 months, with rents cooling down from a heated 2015, there were some rather dramatic turn of events in the industry with rent increases that surprised analysts…